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I can't beleive it.

2009-11-13 05:11:13 by Noblewolf09

I can't believe some of my projects are coming together. Bob and Sam, My art, wild Sam 2. Bob and Sam episode 2 should arrive before the end of the year, my first piece of art ha s already been submitted, and wild sam 2 is in the works.

Two more godly songs.

2008-11-08 01:53:11 by Noblewolf09

I have put two more godly songs up. Godly Mourning and A New God. The story of the songs go a little like this.

Encounter: Two gods meet , one is old and holy and the other evil
Battle: the two gods fight to the death
Defeat: The holy god is defeated/ The evil god takes control
Mourning: The people mourn for the dead god.
A New God: The holy god is reborn as a new young and powerful god.

there will probably be one or two more to do in the series then i will stop completely with the godly thing. Enjoy


2008-08-28 19:58:36 by Noblewolf09

my original song Godly Encounter has turned into a series. So far there are 3 songs in the series right now, Encounter, Battle, and Defeat. I hope you enjoy them.